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Spiritual Relationship Coaching

A unique dimension of our service to you at Heart of Sedona Weddings is our Spiritual Relationship Coaching for pre- and post-marital couples and singles. In the context of Hiking Retreats into Sedona’s magnificent outdoors, in private sessions, by telephone, as well as in the framework of Partner Yoga sessions, we invite you to explore the heights of love and creativity that a healthy relationship can bring forth. 

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With guidance from Rev. Andrew Murphy, trained spiritual director with twenty-five years experience and licensed Partner Yoga instructor, cultivate a spirituality that will help center you in your unique Self and illuminate the glorious mystery of your love. From a space of heightened awareness and sensitivity, deepen in your commitment to one another. Become more fully transparent, realize your power to make all necessary changes, and to explore creative and satisfying ways to express yourselves in the world, growing in heart-felt devotion to each other.

the wisdom of the heart

When grounded in a deep spirituality you’ll discover more readily the intuitive skills to keep your love flowing and growing. You’ll hear more clearly the wisdom of the heart, which speaks the language of forgiveness, of living in the moment, of righting past wrongs through right and compassionate living in the present, of offering support and approval that blesses and heals, of avoiding judgment and fault-finding, of providing emotional safety, and of opening continuously to the love and guidance of God.

Your capacity to give and receive love will expand beyond what you ever dreamed possible and profoundly influence every facet of life... your vision for marriage, your expectations of each other, the ways you will make important decisions, how responsibilities will be shared, how finances and disagreements will be handled. As you contemplate marriage know that its ultimate purpose, among the untold blessings it will bring to you, is to help you discover your true Self, which you’ll gift to each other for a lifetime.

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