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Weddings in the Heart of Sedona, Arizona

By Rev Andrew Murphy, M Div

One hundred and twenty miles north of Phoenix, Arizona, near the base of the Colorado Plateau, lies a precious little gem of a city, Sedona.  Named after the wife of the first postmaster general, Sedona is an enchanted land of red-rock mountains and story-telling streams that mesmerizes the heart and soul of nearly everyone who visits.

Sedona is where American cowboy-movies had their birth, where artists, actors and contemplatives from around the world have come in search of beauty and truth. The brilliant colors, the secret canyons and the almost mystical mountain formations worked their magic on native tribes as well, for it was in this exquisite landscape where they conducted sacred rites and ceremonies centuries ago. The red earth, they believed, was imbued with a living Spirit.

Exquisite Natural Beauty

Sedona today is no less popular. Its spirit continues to call visitors from around the world. Many feel a special devotion to the area for the effect it has on their lives. Its enchanted natural beauty, its spirit of nature if you will, helps to quiet the mind and open the heart to the deeper stirrings of love, allowing visitors and residents alike to encounter themselves and feel nurtured and restored.

For this reason Sedona has become one of America’s most popular destination-wedding locations. It has many wonderful resorts, hotels, restaurants, art centers and recreation opportunities. As a wedding minister serving here for the past 12 years I’m surprised by the number of couples who have decided to marry while visiting Sedona. Nearly all of them return to celebrate their wedding, either alone or accompanied by family and friends. Couples who choose to marry in these majestic outdoors generally are more soulful individuals, desirous of something more intimate, romantic and spiritual.

"Love is Ageless"

At Heart of Sedona Weddings we consult with numerous couples. Their ages vary greatly. But one thing is certain, love is ageless. Regardless of experience or circumstance, love sweeps them off their feet. In our conversations with couples they often describe their experience of being in love as a being discovered or rediscovered, as a gratuitous gift given unexpectedly and just at the right moment in their lives. Always there’s the expression of profound gratitude and joy, for their love is nothing less than a rebirth, a reawakening to life in all its fullness.

If you’re at that magical place in your lives, if love has discovered or rediscovered you, I invite you give us a call and make plans to travel to Sedona. I can think of no better place to celebrate your wedding or anniversary than in this breathtakingly beautiful natural Cathedral. For that’s what Sedona is, an outdoor Cathedral sculptured by the winds and waters of the ages.


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